About the Firm

A2D Solutions Inc (formally known as Fedele & Associateds) (F&A) is technical consulting and systems integration firm which commenced operating in 1996.

F&A was founded by Joseph (Joe) Fedele, an engineering executive and technical advisor with over 30 years experience in television, radio and satellite broadcasting. F&A also offers a wide range of services that include educational seminars and technical maintenance for broadcast facilities.

As the owner and senior consultant for the firm, Mr. Fedele recruits and coordinates the services of many highly skilled consulting engineers and technicians (the Associates) and maintains affiliations with other long established consulting and other systems integration companies (the Affiliates).

F&A was founded on the principals of quality of service and client satisfaction. Our team of highly skilled associates have been strategically chosen from all facets of the industry to provide unparalleled technical advisory, planning and support for broadcasters and media affiliated organizations.

And, while the firm is located in Miami, the world is our marketplace.



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A2D Solutions Inc is a wholly owned company of The Fedele Group of Companies, N. Miami, Fl.