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Best tile galleries in Melbourne for your newly found home

In Melbourne, you’ll see different patterns of commercial and residential porcelain-tiles for sale. While some decorative tiles are affordable, special tiles like porcelain and mosaic are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. However, we shall discuss some design ideas that are suitable for walls and would serve as an alternative flooring option. Apart from tiles, you can get a range of non-tiling options that can make any space feel like an extension of your personality. Let’s guide you to avoid confusion with so many options in the market.

Hardwood is a Great Option

While promoting alternatives for tile galleries; we’ll recommend hardwood floors because they are like vinyl tiles have strong and stable subsurface structures. Old art galleries and museums in some states in Australia still have features of hardwood design aesthetics. While most contemporary interior designers offer collections of hardwood flooring, their clients are often amazed at the decor accent and interior wall finishes. Also, tile galleries in Melbourne can showcase the elegance of vinyl, laminate, and luxury hardwood products. An advantage of these options over tiles is the ease of the maintenance.

Porcelain Slabs Are Durable

A large number of galleries in Melbourne have collections of porcelain slabs. One of the reasons for designing your kitchen, home, and living space with porcelain tiles is their resistance to moisture absorption. Porcelain tiles might not be our decorative option, but superior porcelain surfaces are great alternatives to natural stone. These stain-resistant materials can serve a range of applications like cabinet doors, finishes for walls, and floors. Other applications include porcelain slabs for external building cladding because of their non-flammable properties. Also, some tile galleries have low-profile dining tabletops and benchtops that are designed with porcelain slabs.

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Use Natural Stone Slabs

Tile galleries in Melbourne can display other material flooring materials in their state-of-the-art showrooms. Offering other design options can help contractors, designers, and builders to create unique colour accents. Natural stones like granite, marble, and travertine, ensure uniformity of design materials. While serving both outdoor and indoor applications, natural stones with a rustic finish often leave a spectacular appearance. You can browse through a gorgeous collection of natural stone slabs online. These stones are extracted as blocks; then, workmen at quarry make slabs out of them.

It’s the dimension of stone blocks that determines the variety of bold styles we get as stone slabs. Some high-end and purpose-built natural stone slabs include; coloured, white, grey, black, and beige stones. You can apply these models as veneer panels, countertops, backsplashes, wall, and flooring materials. Apart from travertine, other stone tile variants include limestone, quartzite, and basalt. Apart from their colours and patterns, stone floors and slabs are compatible with acute temperature swings. Additionally, the compact nature of stone slabs allows homeowners with busy kitchens to place heavy utensils on them.

Unlike tiles, stone floors are often a mix of mineral, dye, and resins that have been processed. Usually, manufacturers use cutting-edge techniques that blend beauty and toughness of raw materials to make modern designs. However, natural stones are better than regular tiles because the former offers a cooler feel under the feet of users. Since stone floors will distribute the heat better than hardwood floors, homeowners prefer to install radiant heating devices for stone floors.

Terrazzo Slabs Come In Various Dimensions and Shades

Terrazzo slabs are options for tile galleries with a limited variety of flooring materials. The beautiful contrast of terrazzo slabs will impress you while using them as countertops, bench-tops, and low-profile tabletops. Most times, European-made terrazzo slabs are buyers’ delight because they come as a blend of chips. However, terrazzo slabs lack textured surface that minimizes the risk of bathroom slips and falls. So, they are not better floor materials for bathrooms.

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