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Tips on Re-decorating Your Home

If you don’t want your home to look too coordinated and matching, but still want the cohesive look, then it is time to expand your decorating. It is best not to try and decorate the whole room over a day, you have to let it flow and do it one step at a time. The planning process is probably the most fun part; there’s lots of trial and error involved, and in this first part, you are testing what theme, colours, furniture and décor work best for you and your home.

Trying to work out what décor you like can be quite tricky at first because there are just so many options. The best place to start looking for inspiration is online. There are so many different themes you could go for, some include coastal interior design, modern, rustic and the list goes on. Before you start doing anything, figure out what style it is you want.

You should then slowly work to filling your rooms with your chosen style of items that you are purchasing. Remember you need to keep a balance of old and new things because mixing both the modern pieces and the antique pieces will keep that neutral balance in your home and will aid in creating that effortless vibe.

If you like colour, then embrace it and don’t wholly add a splash here and there. Add it into cushions, dishes décor items on shelves, rugs, curtains etc. It’s all about being smart and subtle with your interior decor.

Going with an effortless vibe means excluding sets of furniture. You want to have a mixture of different furniture then that’s also fine just ensure you mix it up with an old table, and add new modern chairs. An old traditional couch and a pair of new chairs set together. Doing this will create a more inviting space.

Colour palettes

When it comes to individual rooms, you need to go with a colour that shows the personality of your home. You may think that using up to six colours for a home is necessary to feel cohesive. This is not true. Choose a personality colour that sticks with the same personality as you.

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Flooring for your effortless vibe

When it comes to picking out the flooring throughout the whole home pick just a few, so it will make each space feel like it is root within the home. Go for a funky tile in the bathroom and entry space but ensure you keep it consistent enough in the rest of the house.

Knowing your vibe

While it may be challenging to lock down your home’s identity, there are so many ways to try and unlock fun and exciting styles. Browsing through the internet is one. However, there is another very underrated option, and this is visiting thrift stores. You can find anything to work as when you have a certain vibe like coastal home interior then everything needs to be circled that one theme.

Stick to a trim style

It is important that throughout your home you stick to the one trim. Either go with or without moulding from the start. Know first up if you want toe kicks, or they are a definite no. Go with a specific profile style and keep it consistent with the archways, baseboards, light switches, outlet covers and window sashes.

When it comes to creating an effortless vibe, it is quite easy when you stick to the tips above and don’t get to set in a theme or décor style that you want to go with. An effortless vibe is a bit of mixture here and there with a few consistent items like baseboards, skirting etc. Do it your way and go at it slow being effortless is taking your time finding bits and pieces to add to your home new or old.

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