Trends for Remodelling a Kitchen

Real estate experts agree that kitchen remodels that are properly done can increase the price when reselling a property. A medium-sized kitchen of less than 100-square-foot can feature new trends of simple designs. No matter how small the kitchen space might be, making it cozy can cost thousands of dollars. However, more cost will be involved if you are budgeting to upgrade a smaller space kitchen, or do a complete makeover with tiles and new appliances. After consulting a team of renovation designers and contractors, we brought up some trends to consider before choosing patterns for remodelling your kitchen.

Install Induction Burners

It’s time to say goodbye to all traditional kitchen burners. Ask your kitchen designer for a remodel, and install induction burners. Apart from being energy-efficient, induction burners are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. There are many brands with creative designs and user-friendly features. However, induction burners cost homeowner more money to install than traditional cookers.

Countertop Materials

Wooden countertops are not as durable as quartz carpet finishes. The renovation expert can simply change the look of your kitchen with brilliant detailing of durable countertop materials. The quartz countertop design has a harder surface than wood. More so, there’s no risk of discolourations, termite invasion or woodworms. Except quartz countertop materials are exposed to excessive heat, they’ll remain indestructible.

Easy Kitchen Access

Usually, experienced chefs and avid cooks don’t like a cluster of kitchen utensils and furniture taking up the entire space. Any kitchen with easy access, open shelves, and a functional space filled with innovative appliances is a stylish and smart choice.

White-and-wood Kitchens

An all-white kitchen can be upgraded with a better decor idea. Kitchen walk-outs and surrounding outdoor spaces with polished wood make breath-taking appearances. Use natural wood with lighter tones, and multiple shades to complement the beauty of white oil paint. More so, the addition of white paint as an interior decor component makes it easy to clean your kitchen. Instead of backsplash tiles, use a combination of custom polished wood as kitchen walls, and white oil paint on cabinets. This pattern is a great kitchen trend that most people love.

Maximize storage space under the sink

Install kitchen sinks with stunning ornate fixtures, and intricate designs. Then make use of the space under the sink for storage of kitchen utensils. New trends and kitchen remodel ideas reflect opulence. Kitchen designs with space under the sink are no longer in vogue. Conserving every space under a sink with kitchen cabinets, drawers, and rollouts is a great idea. Utilize the storage space under your kitchen sinks except where drains and plumbing components run through the vacuum.

Quartz and Marble Finish

Quartz finishes make unique kitchen decor statement like marble. Concrete render used to be a classic, but it’s a big no-no when it comes to trendy kitchen remodelling ideas. The homeowner must insist on the use of higher-end materials that are more durable for countertop installations. However, marble is more expensive than quartz, but they don’t stain or wear easily like granites. More so, you can choose your kitchen’s countertops to be dark marble slabs with thick veining.

Add Lighting Effects

A darker shade of marble slab in your remodelled kitchen can shine brighter with proper lighting fixtures. The aesthetically beautiful finishes of remodelled kitchens are incomplete without the decorative add-ons, unique lighting fixtures, and distressed-glass backsplash. Your kitchen shouldn’t just look beautiful, but artistic with eye-catching details. More so lighting effects enhance your updated kitchen’s reflective quality and elegance.

The truest value of kitchen renovations is unknown until when you plan to resell your home. A tastefully remodelled kitchen offers a huge return on investments.

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