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Best Feature Walls In 2021

A featured wall is a deliberately focused wall with a decorative component: it may be painted in a bold color. It may be a standout from surrounding walls with a striking piece of wallpaper. Or you can choose to arrange a complete series of retro posters to set it apart. 

The effect of this narrow design is to elevate the space to a new level of vitality. And it doesn’t require pressing. The idea of a feature wall is to carry a lot of style into a small area, so you usually don’t need to invest many materials to make the wall.

Abstract feature walls
Abstract feature walls are not as popular as they used to be, but metal paint or plaster techniques are still very stylish. Choosing the correct feature wall color is essential because it will become the focal point of your room. Pick a shade that balances the other tones in the space. If your existing wall color is warm, you will need to choose a warm wall color.

Before trying out the wallpaper on the actual wall, be sure to test out how it will look with a small piece of wallpaper so you can preview how it will look.

Collage of Glass Tile On The Feature Wall
The glass tile accent wall is impressive and can completely change your space. Your choice of tile accent wall includes splicing the entire fence in gorgeous glass tiles to get a high-end look. This is the most exciting way to unite a tile emphasis wall, but it may not meet every budget.

If you like the look of a smooth tiled accent wall but don’t have the time or budget for a large tile project, consider peeling and pasting tiles to create your room’s focal point. The new peel and paste tiles are more elegant than previous products and contain more design options.

Timber Penetrating Sealer

Architectural Accent Wall
The accent wall doesn’t have to scream to attract attention. Although bold statements can bring much fun, subtle changes in colors, patterns, or textures are also useful in enhancing space design. In an example bedroom, vertical wooden blocks connected to the wall create a paneled look behind the bed. A cloud of white is painted, which is a gentle and gentle way, still attracting attention. To add further character to this design you could coat the timber in Furniture oil to bring out the natural color and grain

Shiplap Dream
Due to its iconic features and stacked wooden walls, the farmhouse style stays prominent in design circles. This unique wall covering modernizes the tares’ appearance, with refreshing white color and plenty of natural light, but you can choose a darker stack for theatrical effect. Shiplap provides depth and texture to your walls, which you cannot recreate with quart paint. To make your wall stand out, you can only highlight the lower part of the wall. The split appearance attracts the eye and provides a comfortable country atmosphere for your kitchen or dining room. As with any interior timber surface, it is best coated with a protective timber penetrating sealer to prolong its life and aesthetics.

Temporary Timber Formwork
Wherever you look, recycled wood is popping up in home decor. With this ingenious product, you can quickly and economically add weathered style to your home. These peel-off and sticky wood planks from Stikwood can help you create warm accent walls without being burdensome.

The entire recycled wooden feature wall can be anywhere in your home without restrictions. You can create a warm and charming family room or add a stylish style to your foyer. You can also add the look of recycled wood to the back of a kitchen island, bar, or open shelves or cabinets.

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