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2 Top Trends Emerging in Australia

A whole lot of trend predictions you see come through for insides are outside of Europe. And do not get me wrong; they are divine. However, it’s important to recognise that we are individuals in Australia. We are unique creatures, and we have our own vibe happening.

We don’t tend to be as crazy or lavish as our Euro sisters and brothers when it comes to rolling out the color and pattern, for example. The tendencies that do break through we tend to neutralise somewhat. We take out the intensity, and we adapt them to our open-plan homes. We are more chill, for want of a better word.

So let us take a look at five Australian interior design trends for 2018 I think will be significant.


Bohemian. This book takes your classic boho-coastal aesthetic and gives it a little manly, manly grit.

Out of all of the Australian interior design styles for 2018, this is the simplest one to stone since a lot of you are already doing the all-white-boho motif at home.

However, you know what makes that okay? It is easy on the budget! And you know I am all about the budget.


Having a clean, modern twist, of course!

The Australiana fad is much more stylised than it had been before. Its colour palette is directly out of the outback, but the design strategy is cleaner and much more controlled.

This appearance has come to light in the Current Dulux colour forecast.

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