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Easy Landscaping for Any Size Yard

Setting up your outside space begins with getting your landscaping right. Regardless of what size backyard that you have, you can get the most out of the available space and live the fantasy. Below are a few easy D.I.Y. landscaping ideas to produce a terrific outdoor area you can enjoy day or night.

There’s nothing like an entirely new deck to turn your backyard into an outdoor living room or an excellent party venue. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to expand your living room that will last for decades and, with little know-how, you can construct yourself. There are several decking material choices available. In addition to the conventional wood decking of blackbutt, jarrah, merbau and treated pine, you will find an environmentally friendly option. Composite decking can be made from recycled plastic, which can be very long lasting, easy to set up and maintain and is rot and termite resistant.

garden landscapingTreated pine sleepers are resistant to decay, fungi and termites, which makes them among the most flexible, easy-to-use and hard-wearing landscaping materials available on the market.

Retaining walls are an excellent way to produce degrees of interest in your garden. Retaining walls are also a fantastic way to flatten out regions of a sloping block and include extra space for the children to play or for one to amuse. Based on the appearance you want, retaining walls could be constructed from logs or treated pine sleepers. You could even use purpose-built materials for retaining walls which are interlocking, long-lasting and come in a range of colours.

You can bring actual definition into your backyard and make a terrific look with pavers. A simple project you can do yourself, pavers make a solid foundation for your outdoor entertaining area, or you may conduct a pathway through your garden. There is a huge range of different paver colours and layouts to suit any garden available, from concrete textured pavers, panel stone and sandstone pavers and concrete log-style stepping stone.

Pebbles are a simple way to bring unique colours and textures to your garden. You may use them to fill empty spaces in your garden beds or ground cover to compliment a paved or decking area. For a clean, decorative appearance you’ll be able to use pebbles to make a boundary or landscape a path. There is a selection of colours and styles to select from including blue, white, orange, green, red, lime, silver and stone. By using the same colour pebble, you can keep it simple or blend the colours to produce a more vibrant appearance.

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