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Scandinavian Kitchen Homewares

Wood floors, white walls, lack of clutter, and modern furniture are all common elements in Scandinavian design. These homewares are more exclusive than those you buy at your local store. You want decor that originated from the Nordic countries around the 1950s, which remains a preeminent interior style in the world. If you ask any Commercial agents in Melbourne, they will tell you that Scandinavian style is the new big trend. 

Rooms that have the Scandinavian style tend to boast that white walls which emphasize light. You know those images you see in retail property agents magazines? They all have this style! You need to stick to a neutral colour pallet, with small pops of colour. Use plenty of natural textures, avoid using too many window decorations, and add carpets with a simple layout that creates a minimalist aesthetic. In a Scandinavian room, you can expect to see bare wood floors, white brick walls that show texture and plenty of light streaming in through large windows. 

The Normann Copenhagenscandinavian homewares

The Danish brand is well known for its ergonomic, simple designs. The designers are well-liked for turning everyday objects into minimalist masterpieces with their craft. Even their most practical products come in playful shades that work well when you need to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. The company has pleasing peelers and collapsible whisks which help to make cooking less of a chore. Their products also take up minimal space in your drawers. 


The legendary brand’s splashy collaboration collection is coming to an end. However, it is not too late to grab some of their signature floral prints for your dining or kitchen area. Even though they are a Scandinavian design, they still have plenty of playful prints for your kitchen area just to brighten up the kitchen counter.

Ferm Living 

Ferm Living is a Danish brand, founded in 2006. It takes the cues from architectural history and art for their designs. The company’s best-seller is its Trivets, which are used to protect your table when you put hot pots and pans down. These come in two different, stunning colours; brass and black. These are a must-have for all the Scandinavian inspired kitchens.

Georg Jensen

The Georg Jensen House was founded well over a century ago. It taps into the traditional side of Danish style. This brand is favoured by the Danish royal family who loves anything fine china, embroidery and crystal, but is happy to add a little Scandinavian charm. Georg Jensen products are full of curves and abstract shapes. The stainless steel bloom collection has all of those things.

Scandinavian design is just priceless and as genuinely timeless as it is beautiful. Finely crafted and made with all-natural materials that appeal on all human levels.  Scandinavian designs stand out in the market, with their focus on simple lines, functionality and minimalism – all without sacrificing beauty. Part of what impresses people when they walk into a Scandinavian room is the lack of clutter and the clear fine lines that they see. 

Traditionally, you won’t find anything out of place, and those little junk corners or junk draws we all seem to have are nowhere to be seen in a Scandinavian home. 

Pulling off the Scandinavian design in your home is quite easy and straightforward. With just a few things that need to be taken seriously like no clutter, natural tones and plenty of natural light beaming through the home. A Scandinavian kitchen needs kitchen homewares that show off the Scandinavian style while offering functionality as well. Pinterest is a great place to find all sorts of ideas when it comes to decorating your kitchen in the Scandinavian style.

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