Creating an Aussie Beach Home

What’s a prototypical Australian beach home and just how can you get the style just perfect?


Vintage Australian beach houses are generally of weatherboard structure, most frequently painted in white or delicate colours from the coastal environment.

Go for alternating ceiling peaks internally. You might make an upper level in your home with dormer windows in areas of the house, while enabling ceilings in a few of your dwelling spaces to soar into the rafters.

Make certain to pay special attention to the windows as a beach house ought to be flooded with natural light while having the capability to protect rooms from the day’s warmth and the evening’s cold. And needless to say, you want to take advantage of any wonderful views you might have. Coastal homes frequently position the major living spaces around the top levels to increase the effects of open perspectives, which also has the extra advantage of maintaining the bedrooms cool air.

Louvered windows are a fantastic method of capturing a little coastal breeze and spreading it through your house.


Interiors should harmonise seamlessly with the outside environment, bringing you closer to nature and its calming effects, while developing a greater feeling of distance. You can get creative with folding, stacking or perhaps garage-style doorways to open up your living spaces in order to assimilate with your outdoor spaces.

Listed below are a couple of amazing examples, that open the home front and rear, easily linking the gardens and pool with the shore.

Blurring the boundaries of both the interior and exterior lends itself especially well to the kitchen.

Letting your kitchen benchtop extend out through an awning-style window into the outside entertaining area, creates a convenient and social kitchen servery. This is a good way to join the kitchen into the grill area, which makes it effortless to pass drinks and food without needing to go in and out of the home.


Australian beach houses generally tend to expedite a busy ocean-side way of life, but it does not mean that you need to live with half the beaches sand working its way into your house.

Thinking carefully about your entryways and the facilities you put there’ll make your life much simpler and keep your house a whole lot neater.

Build in storage spaces for equipment storage or art storage where surf boards, beach toys and gear, towels and beach bags etc. could be obtained quickly and easily and deposited when coming indoors without tracking clutter throughout the home, while also being a space for older items yet to have a new home.

As well as stylish coastal furniture, add some shelves or cabinets to store little things such as thongs, sunscreen, hats and sunnies so that you are always prepared to make the most of an impromptu walk to the shore.

A beach home is the ideal location to put in an outdoor toilet or shower space. It’s possible to make certain everybody is clean and sand-free when they step back into the home. Make sure you allow it to be available from the front and the rear of the home. Having to trail through the home to use the outdoor shower, sort of defeats the purpose of this facility.


When choosing your own colours, both externally and internally, it is always best to coordinate with your environment. There are exceptions, however bold or bright colours can be especially jarring and can detract from the calmness that’s the signature of a coastal home.

If you’re not sure, you just can’t go wrong with white. This is the best background for your coastal appearance. Try an all-over white on white motif, with contrasting materials and feel to generate curiosity. White also looks unbelievably refreshing blended with leafy greens. If you’re planning to get a pool, then take highlights of refreshing mild blues throughout your living spaces.

Bear in mind, colours that look great on a paint swatch at the hardware store may seem totally different in the direct sunshine. Locate a place to check your own colours and see them over a few days under different light requirements to be certain to get it right.


Normal beach house décor and design can conjure up pictures of beach styled cottages which almost seem like caricatures, but a more sensible coastal design doesn’t mean overloading your house with every small coastal themed knick-knack, you’ll be able to get your hands on.

Australian beach lifestyle is all about calmness, adopting the environments and its elements and taking motivation from the shore and the sea. It is a casual way of life, but it does not mean we cannot weave in a little elegance also.

By incorporating only a few carefully selected coastal inspired items into some classically stylish design, these add a homely accent to the décor.

Beach homeware style lends itself to organic fabrics and materials, chalky paints, bleached timbers etc.

Use local art services to mix in some modern pieces and finishes to get a little interest and drama in addition to the occasional classic or decoration piece. Beach house style ought to be personalised — it is not one appearance you need to attempt to emulate at all costs — it ought to be very much your appearance and reflect the nature and lifestyle of you and your loved ones.


The key to making a lovely and operational beach house — or some other dwelling, is to do your homework. If you do not have a clear idea of the style that you would like to create, invest a lot of time poring through publications, Creating Pinterest boards, observing online interior design websites, amassing colour graphs and pulling it all together. When you have defined your colours, it is a great idea to constantly take them shopping with you, since it is really rather hard to perfectly remember a colour.


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