Technical Consulting Services

A2D Solutions Inc is a technical consulting firm specializing in the following areas:

Technical Advisory & Recommendations - We provide fair and impartial advice on a wide range of technical issues that allow your company to set reasonable goals and objectives. Our recommendations help you plan your strategies by giving you timely information in an ever changing technical environment.

Project Management - Putting together a new facility or updating an old one can be a formidable task. We specialize in working with your specifications to deliver turn-key projects on time and within budget.

Facility Value Assessment
- Companies looking to buy or sell broadcast properties require technical appraisals of the facility. Don't over-pay of undersell simply because you didn't have the facts to back-up your negotiations!

Cost Estimates - We provide estimates for the purchase of broadcast systems and the construction of TV or radio facilities.

Technical Staff Ascertainment
- The firm provides assistance in evaluating your technical staff and its ability to properly operate and maintain your facility.

Employee Search & Hiring
- Finding good engineers can be a formidable task for even the most knowledgeable manager. Fedele & Associates can help you find the right person to fill your openings and even assist in negotiating a salary that is appropriate for the particular open position.

Staffing Reorganization - Hiring good technical personnel is one thing, but turning them into a productive department is another. Fedele & Associates works with your staff to develop a focused team of professionals.



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