The Video & Audio Compression Seminar

Fedele and Associates provides staff training and educational seminars to companies and organizations seeking to expand the knowledge base of their employees or members.

This seminar is a tutorial on the fundamentals of audio and video compression systems in use today. The primary focus will be a review of compression techniques used in high quality video and stills. Discussions in rudimentary technical terminology and advanced engineering principles make this course a "one size fits all" for anyone wishing to understand compression. Both the novice and experienced software engineers or non-technical personnel will benefit from this important briefing.

What you will learn:

  • What is digital compression
  • How do compression systems work
  • How compression schemes differ from each other
  • The differences between Intra-Frame and Inter-frame compression
  • What is Serial Digital and how does it work
  • What is Sampling and how does it work
  • 8 bit and 10 bit Quantizing methods
  • The differences between JPEG and MPEG
  • Why is video such a data and memory hog
  • What data rates are needed to move video
  • How visual perception continues to influence the development of video standards

Note: Our seminars are not available on tape, CD or DVD. These seminars are presented live only at conferences and for clients contracting for our services.




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