Maintenance Services

A2D Solutions Inc can provide a wide range of maintenance, construction and other technical services for your facilities audio, video, RF and even some computer based systems.

Think of us as your Virtual Maintenance Shop as we provide On-Demand Maintenance services.

Maintenance & Construction Personnel - Availability of several highly qualified broadcast professionals that have been trained to perform maintenance on broadcast equipment using recognized industry methods and standards. No need to hire workers on a permanent basis or worry when they go away on vacation.

Specialized Skills - We supply the right workers with the appropriate skills to service each distinct area of your facility. A core group of freelance technicians with various skill levels will be organized to suit your needs.

Maintenance Schedule
- Stop problems before they halt your production schedule. Both routine and preventative maintenance will save you time, money and aggravation. Our technicians will pre-arrange a maintenance routine designed for your facility.

Computer Services - Broadcast stations are never allowed to go off the air. Why should your computer system be any different?

Future Expansions - Our design and construction team is ready to build whenever you are ready to expand. The people that design and build it will be working with your operations staff long after the last wire is installed.

Emergency Service - We remain “On-Call”, 24 Hours per day. Someone will always be at the other end of the line to help when you really need it.

Telephone Support - Sometimes all you need is a quick answer.

On-Demand - On call, as needed. You decide how much or how little you require to supplement your maintenance staff both day and night.



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