The Digital Video Seminar

Fedele and Associates provides staff training and educational seminars to companies and organizations seeking to expand the knowledge base of their employees or members.

This seminar will focus on the basic components of analog and digital video in use today. It is intended as a tutorial for anyone wishing to understand how video
works and its evolution from a single format analog medium to the many digital video formats of DTV. While this course was specifically designed for non-
technical personnel and novice technicians, even moderately to well trained engineers will benefit from this important information.

What you will learn:

  • How visual perception continues to influence the development of video standards
  • What is Digital and how it compares with Analog
  • The components of analog and digital video signals
  • The difference between interlaced and progressive scanning and why each is used
  • The relationship between digital video and data transmissions
  • Analyzing a video signal using waveform monitors and vectorscopes
  • Understanding the differences between component, composite and Y/C video
  • How digital video sampling ( 4:2:2:, 4:1:1, etc) works and why
  • What is quantizing and how is it used in digital video
  • Storage and transmission requirements of digital video
  • A comparative analysis of SDTV, HDTV and the other DTV video formats
  • Understanding why colors don’t always match from one system to another
  • What is Gamma Correction
  • The transition to DTV

Note: Our seminars are not available on tape, CD or DVD. These seminars are presented live only at conferences and for clients contracting for our services.




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